New York City, USA

Our mission is to create a community for designers, makers, galleries, and all those interested in functional art.

Pale Blue Magazine was created in 2024 by a group of people from various industries who share a common interest in functional art and contemporary furniture. Rather than simply introducing and highlighting great design, Pale Blue Magazine aims to take an informational approach by creating resources and connections for people to engage with and gain insight from people pushing the boundary in design, especially for young aspiring designers and people outside of the design space.

We promote transparency in design through articles, studio visits, and interviews with the most groundbreaking up-and-coming designers around the world.

More Than A Mag
In addition, we are more than a magazine, and hope to create a community around the design space. By creating curated resources and tools developed with designers at the forefront of their fields, we aim to create more meaningful interactions between those within the design world, from the designers, makers, and galleries, as well as create connections between the design world to those outside of it.