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  • Corpus Studio

    Corpus Studio

    Apollo Collection For Konrad and Ronan of, design is the vehicle to present the brutalist and monolithic structures they are inspired by with an air of poetry, as evident in their BB and Apollo collections. The BB collection is study of repetition, using a single mold in the shape of a wheel assembled in ways…

  • Thibeau Scarceriaux

    Thibeau Scarceriaux

    X-Ray Series Taboo and discrimination, impermanence and functionality, art and design. Thibeau Scarceriaux, an emerging Belgian designer, creates a world that somehow blends all these ideas through his thought provoking object design. Scarceriaux continuously pushes the boundaries of furniture and its ability to create meaningful dialogue in the modern world.  Today we’re highlighting Scarceriaux’s mesmerizing…

  • Julian Mayor

    Julian Mayor

    Space Oddity Exploring our favorites from the work of @julian.mayor, a British artist and designer whose sculptural furniture blends modern industrial processes with a unique design sensibility. In this collection, Mayor laser cuts and welds together shapes of processed stainless steel with a perfect mirror finish. The resulting product is raw and industrial while managing to…